Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera, 4K/2.5K Full Dashcams for Cars with 64GB SD Card, WiFi & App Control, Night Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording,WDR,170° Wide Angle




Introducing the Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera – your ultimate companion on the road for an enhanced driving experience and added safety. With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this dashcam takes car recording to a whole new level.

Capture every moment in stunning detail with the 4K/2.5K Full HD resolution. Whether it’s a scenic road trip or an unexpected incident, this dashcam ensures crystal-clear footage that you can rely on. The included 64GB SD card provides ample storage space, allowing you to record for extended periods without worrying about running out of memory.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and complicated setups. With WiFi and App Control, you can easily connect your smartphone to the dashcam and effortlessly control and access recordings on the go. Seamlessly download, view, and share footage directly from your smartphone, hassle-free.

Equipped with advanced night vision technology, this dashcam guarantees clear and accurate recordings even in low-light conditions. No more blurry or indistinguishable footage during nighttime driving or in poorly lit environments – every detail will be captured with exceptional clarity.

Safety is our utmost priority, and that’s why this dashcam features a comprehensive range of intelligent safety functions. The G-Sensor automatically detects and locks emergency footage in the event of an impact, ensuring crucial evidence is always protected. The Parking Mode monitors your vehicle even when parked, capturing any suspicious activities or accidents, giving you complete peace of mind.

Never miss a moment with the loop recording feature. This dashcam seamlessly overwrites older footage with newer recordings, ensuring continuous monitoring without needing to manually erase or replace SD cards. You can concentrate on the road ahead while the dashcam takes care of the rest.

Thanks to the advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, this dashcam intelligently adjusts exposure for optimal performance in all lighting conditions. It ensures that both bright and dark areas are equally well-captured, eliminating overexposure and underexposure for a balanced and vibrant video.

With its 170-degree wide-angle lens, you can capture a larger viewing angle without compromising on image quality. Never miss any blind spots or crucial details on the road again – this dashcam provides a wider perspective that covers more ground, enhancing your overall safety.

The Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera is your perfect driving companion, effortlessly recording your journey and providing you with invaluable evidence in case of accidents or disputes. Trust in its reliability, depend on its exceptional performance, and experience peace of mind like never before.,


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